Friday, April 21, 2017

Paintings, 2016

 "Grannie's Farm"   oil pastels 5x7     private collection
"Down by the Pond"    acrylic  12x16
 "Bales and Dunes"   oil pastels   11x13     at The Dunes Gallery    SOLD  
 "Country Mailboxes"   oil pastels  12x18     at The Dunes Gallery      SOLD
"Summer Resplendent"   (studio version )  acrylic 12x16  at Details P&P Gallery
 "Misty Morning"   oil pastels 11x13         private collection
 "Orwell Nocturne"    oil pastels  8x10   at The Dunes Gallery        SOLD
 commission "The Scagon"    acrylic  16x20     SOLD
"Summer Song"    oil pastels  6x15   at The Dunes Gallery    SOLD

Plein Air 2016

The first 3 are from the Montague Plein Air Festival. "Fanningbank House" (Honorable Mention) oil pastels  8x10
 "Lupines at Point Prim"   8x8  oil pastels     SOLD
"Orwell in June"  acrylic 8x10              SOLD
 "Island Bales" (on County Line Rd)  oil pastels  8x10
"Happy Village Lupines "    acrylic    8x10
"September Gold"   (mustard field at Desable)   oil pastels 8x10
"The Golden Hour"  (Meadowbank)  oil pastels   8x10

Thursday, April 20, 2017

More from 2015

"Down to Green Meadows"  oil pastel  12x18  in Details, Past and Present Gallery
 "House With a View,  acrylic 9x12      private collection
 "Venice Nocturne"  oil pastels 8x10
commission, acrylic, 12x12         SOLD
"March Thaw, Darling's Island"    oil pastel 8x10
"Indian Summer"  oil pastel   7x14     SOLD
commission  acrylic  12x16     SOLD

Plein Air Paintings, 2015

 From the Bloomin' Artists Plein Air Fundraiser.  (All Sold)
 "Across the Field" 8x10 oil pastels     private collection
 "Under the Damascus Bridge",oil pastel 8x10,  shown in the Plein Air Fundy show at the Saint John Arts Centre           SOLD
 "Campbell's Pond" acrylic, 8x10
"Jack's Red Barn"  oil pastels 8x10