Thursday, August 23, 2012

Here's another one on the wall at Details, Past and Present gallery. 9x19.
                                                                                      ( SOLD)
The city-wide Art in the Open takes place this coming weekend , and artists exhibiting at Details are going to be at Victoria Row painting the sidewalk cafes, etc, en plein air. Here's hoping for good weather.

This is a recent 8x10 studio piece based on a plein air work done in 2007. The sun was shining through the grasses, making them glow; a difficult color to capture, and to photograph.          at The Dunes Gallery        SOLD

Monday, August 6, 2012

little ones

July was very busy and didn't give me much time for art-making. I got a couple of plein airs in while my husband was doing some paragliding stuff. Both are around 4"x6".                                                                  
Then I did a 5x7 for part of a shower gift for a young relative. Bride and groom both grew up on farms in PEI and are now living in a city in Ontario. This is the groom's home; my daughter Julie painted the one for the bride.